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placenta-pills-encapsulationAt the heart of what I do, is placenta encapsulation following a Traditional Chinese Medicine Method…

To encapsulate your placenta, I begin by thoroughly rinsing it, and trimming away the umbilical cord* and setting it aside. I then steam your placenta gently for about 30 minutes, and after allowing it to cool for a few minutes, I slice it thinly. I lay it in trays to dehydrate it in a food dehydrator where it will sit for 18-24 hours. Once it is thoroughly dry, I grind it into a powder using a food mill, and I then put it into vegetarian capsules. The process takes me 2-3 days.

The umbilical cord* makes a lovely keepsake, and a great way to remember the special connection to your babe. I will rinse, spiral, dehydrate and package it for you. This service is complimentary and included with each encapsulation.

I always observe safe handling procedures such as wearing non-latex gloves and using sterile, independent equipment. I follow Universal Precautions and the standards set forth by OSHA for Bloodbourne Pathogens (I even teach a class to doulas about this!).

To learn about the benefits of placenta encapsulation click here.

Cost for encapsulation in my dedicated space:  $85 (pickup and delivery fee* not included)
Discounts available for students, military families, and public school teachers. Free services available for surrogate and teen parents!

Cost for encapsulation in your home: $225 (This includes drive time within the Denver Metro/Boulder areas. An additional fee may be included beyond that zone.)

*Pick up and delivery are based on your location; location of birth (if not at home) and where you live. This fee ranges widely as I calculate drive time and fuel cost. The minimum is $25 and as much as $75 (i.e. for folks in Bailey, etc.) The process can take 3-5 days with pickup and delivery. I try to schedule all deliveries on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I do have some flexibility in this and assure quick turnaround if I cannot get it on the same day.

Add On Services

$10 – Smaller Capsules; Size 1.

I use a Size 0 vegetarian capsule. This is smaller than the Size 00 capsules that many folks use, because personally, the 00 is too big for me. That said, the Size 0 may still be to large for some folks, so I offer a smaller, Size 1 Capsule option. This takes longer to encapsulate, so I charge a bit extra for this. Click here to see a capsule size chart

$5 – Berry flavored gelatin capsules

This option is great for folks who have a hard time swallowing pills; or are concerned about the flavor or small of the placenta. These are gelatin capsules – kosher, but definitely not vegetarian.


Other Placenta Services!
Your placenta is amazing! There are many ways to honor it, utilize it, and learn about it!
Placenta Essence
$20 – Your personal placenta remedy. This energetic remedy is prepared in a manner similar to a flower essence or homeopathic remedy. It comes in two bottles; the smaller of the two contains your “daily use essence” which can be used in times of acute stress and/or transition. The larger bottle is your “mother essence” which  will  allow you to refill the smaller bottle (instructions included) over and over – making this something you can use for many years to come. The essence is prepared with distilled water and 100% potato vodka.
  • $5 – Basic set of images, sent from my Android phone to your phone or email
These are a great way to preserve the image of your placenta. I do a basic print using the blood on the placenta. I press the medium onto the placenta, and then I “cure” it with the heat from the dehydrator your placenta is being dehydrated in.
  • $10 – Paper-Set of 6 prints; 3 prints of each side on watercolor paper
  • $15 – Canvas-The above set of 6 prints, PLUS a pair of prints on 8X10 canvas panels

Gift Certificates are available!

What else would you like to see offered? I’d love to hear!