The Process of Encapsulation

At the heart of what I do, is placenta encapsulation following a Traditional Chinese Medicine Method… Photos and video coming soon…

To encapsulate your placenta, I begin by thoroughly rinsing it, and trimming away the umbilical cord which I carefully spiral and dry for you to have as a keepsake. I then steam it gently for about 30 minutes, and after allowing it to cool for a few minutes, I slice it thinly. I lay it in trays to dehydrate it in a food dehydrator where it will sit for 18-24 hours. Once it is thoroughly dry, I grind it into a powder using a food mill, and I then put it into vegetarian capsules.

I always observe safe handling procedures such as wearing non-latex gloves and using sterile, independent equipment.  To learn about the benefits of placenta encapsulation click here.

I do not add any herbs, unless your Chinese doctor, naturopath or herbalist recommends them, and you provide them to me.  I am not a care provider and cannot, in good conscience, add anything to your amazing placenta. Please let me know if you would like to chat more about this.