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Encapsulation in my dedicated space $85

(pickup and delivery fee* not included)

Discounts available for students, military families, and public school teachers. Free services available for surrogate and teen parents!

Encapsulation in your home $225

(This includes drive time within the Denver Metro/Boulder areas. An additional fee may be included beyond that zone.)

*Pick up and delivery are based on your location; location of birth (if not at home) and where you live. This fee ranges widely as I calculate drive time and fuel cost. The minimum is $25 and as much as $75 (i.e. for folks in Bailey, etc.) The process can take 3-5 days with pickup and delivery. I try to schedule all deliveries on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I do have some flexibility in this and assure quick turnaround if I cannot get it on the same day.

Add-On Services

Smaller Capsules; Size 1

I use a Size 0 vegetarian capsule. This is smaller than the Size 00 capsules that many folks use, because personally, the 00 is too big for me. That said, the Size 0 may still be to large for some folks, so I offer a smaller, Size 1 Capsule option. This takes longer to encapsulate, so I charge a bit extra for this. Click here to see a capsule size chart

Berry flavored gelatin capsules

This option is great for folks who have a hard time swallowing pills; or are concerned about the flavor or smell of the placenta.

These are gelatin capsules – kosher, but definitely not vegetarian.

Other Placenta Services

Your placenta is amazing! There are many ways to honor it, utilize it, and learn about it!


Placenta Essence

Your personal placenta remedy. This energetic remedy is prepared in a manner similar to a flower essence or homeopathic remedy. It comes in two bottles; the smaller of the two contains your “daily use essence” which can be used in times of acute stress and/or transition. The larger bottle is your “mother essence” which  will  allow you to refill the smaller bottle (instructions included) over and over – making this something you can use for many years to come. The essence is prepared with distilled water and 100% potato vodka.


Basic set of images, sent from my cell phone to your phone or email.

Starting at $10

These are a great way to preserve the image of your placenta. I do a basic print using the blood on the placenta. I press the medium onto the placenta, and then I “cure” it with the heat from the dehydrator your placenta is being dehydrated in.

  • $10 – Paper-Set of 6 prints; 3 prints of each side on watercolor paper
  • $15 – Canvas-The above set of 6 prints, PLUS a pair of prints on 8X10 canvas panels