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Here are a few questions I hear on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact me with other questions…

How do I get my placenta to you to encapsulate?

You have two options. You can have your partner, a friend, your doula or someone else bring it to my home in Westminster and then pick it up after I am done. I am located near Highway 36 – aka Boulder Turnpike – and near the intersection of 92nd Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard. Or, I offer pick-up and delivery for a fee that is based on location. I go as far south as Castle Rock and as far north as Longmont.

Quite frankly, consuming my placenta seems kind of gross.

Placentophagia may seem unpleasant to most people. But when encapsulated, the “yuck” factor is definitely decreased. It is similar to taking any supplement capsule.

How do you encapsulate it?

After rinsing and trimming the cord, I gently steam it, dry it and grind it. I then place it in vegetarian capsules. I always observe safe handling procedures such as wearing non-latex gloves and using sterilized, dedicated equipment. 

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Where do you encapsulate it?

I am happy to say that I work in a lovely, bright and clean dedicated space in my home in Westminster. I also offer the service in your home if you prefer, for $225.

How do I know I will get MY placenta and not someone else’s?

Your placenta is labeled, using a name tag made from food-safe parchment paper, from the moment I get it and stays labeled all the way through the process, from storage to prep to drying to packaging. This is probably the most frequent question I hear, and I can relate as I had the same question when I first tried encapsulation in 2007.

How else do you ensure my safety when handling my placenta?

Safety, for your family and mine, is my top priority. I always observe safe handling procedures that follow Universal Precautions and the OSHA Blood Bourne Pathogen Standard which includes wearing non-latex gloves and using a dedicated work area, and sterilized, independent equipment.

What do you do with the cord?

The cord has traditionally been considered sacred and special and to dispose of it would be bad news. I think the cord is a really amazing part of the process and so I carefully spiral and dry the cord for you to have as a keepsake. Some people keep it somewhere special, use it in a blessing ceremony for baby now or at a later coming of age ceremony or bury it.

How should I store the placenta once it is born?

Your placenta is fine at room temperature for a few hours, after this it should be refrigerated. If it will be more than three days, it should be frozen. I would prefer to get within a few days of the birth, though if properly stored, I am happy to offer this service at any time.

Do you add herbs? I have heard of this being done with lemon, pepper, ginger and/or other things.

I do not add any herbs, unless your Chinese doctor, naturopath or herbalist recommends them, and you provide them to me.  I am not a care provider and cannot, in good conscience, add anything to your amazing placenta. Please let me know if you would like to chat more about this.

How should I store the capsules?

The capsules should be stored somewhere cool, dry and out of direct light. They should NOT be stored in the refrigerator, as it is a very moist environment and cause cause your capsules to absorb moisture and mold. A deep freezer is best for longer term storage.

What are your fees for preparation?

If you decide that you would like your placenta encapsulated, the fee is $85. I can pick it up and drop it off for an additional fee. I also offer encapsulation in your home for $225.

How long until the capsules are ready?

I usually prepare it and return it in about 3-4 days.

I am birthing at a hospital. Can I have my placenta prepared? How do I get it?

Sure! Practically anyone can take advantage of their amazing placenta. I recommend letting your caregiver know ahead of time that you plan to keep your placenta & cord so it is noted in your chart. Let your hospital nurse know when you check in, and if you are using a birth plan mention it there as well. You will likely be asked to sign a waiver or release form upon receiving it at the hospital. And YES you can have it encapsulated should you have a cesarean birth. I have experience at nearly every hospital in the area, and I can share logistics, policies etc. to help make this as easy as possible. Feel free to contact me at the number at the top of the website ahead of time if you have any concerns about obtaining your placenta.

My care provider thinks that my placenta needs further examination in pathology. Can I still encapsulate it?

This really depends on where you birth and what your care provider is concerned about.  Knowing hospital policy ahead of time can help avoid any surprises. For some places, this is standard, while at other places, it is only as needed.

If your placenta does go to pathology, there is no true guarantee that it will not come in contact with other items. If it cannot be avoided, ask the staff to label the container stating that you are taking it home. Also, it is essential that your placenta is not preserved in any chemical or else it cannot be encapsulated. Often, this is standard practice and part of the routine. It is important to remind them that  you do not consent to this.

Please contact me using the number at the top of the website with specific questions.

I have seen other websites where people charge $200+ for this service. Why is your fee so much lower?

I am aware that there are others in the area charging a wide range of fees. For me, it is really simple; I know that my family could not have afforded $200+ for encapsulation, as helpful as it is. That is the main reason I have always kept my fee reasonable. I was also trained in a community of midwives who all charge about $85 and it never occurred to me to charge more. I do know that some of the people who are charging high rates offer fancy packaging and I like keep my services pretty simple.

Are you certified?

No, I practice independently and was trained in this art by Certified Professional Midwives and a Licensed Traditional Chinese Doctor. Some of the other people offering encapsulation have been “certified” by someone who created a business “certifying” people. The certification entails online education or a weekend workshop that they paid a lot of money for. The certification is basically a certificate of completion of the program. I do not attest to know anymore or any less than other specialists, I just know that my learning has been and is an ongoing process that has occurred since 2008.

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"We decided on encapsulation at the last minute. She picked up prepared and had the capsules ready quickly. As well as giving me info on how to take the pills. They saved my sanity and I am ever grateful for what she does for women!"

Tovah F.