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Why Encapsulate?

To consume the placenta is restorative, balancing and tonifying.

The placenta is often called “The Tree of Life” for many reasons. This image is one, and the amazing job it does helping you grow your baby is another.

I believe that the benefits for you postpartum are another!

Reported benefits include:
· Increased milk production
· Reduced risk of postpartum hemorrhage
· Decreased “baby blues”
· Reduced risk of serious postpartum mood disorders
· Lower incidence of anemia
· Better energy overall

Placentophagia may seem unconventional and even kind of “icky” to most westerners but in many cultures, and for most mammals, it is the norm.

A Labor of Love

I speak from personal experience when I say that placenta consumption, along with rest, nutrition and support can be tremendously helpful in the postpartum period. After a history of mood disorders during pregnancy and postpartum, I decided that I would try it. After the birth of my son Ennek in 2007, I used it and I felt great!  For the first time after three births I truly enjoyed my “baby moon”. There was also something very personal, empowering and sacred about taking in this part of my son and me.   

I realized that this is a powerful, unique service that I wanted to make available to all birthing families in the Metro Area. I learned this technique which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine from local midwives and Chinese physicians. I am honored to offer this wonderful service.