Call or text 720-936-3609


If you have an immediate need for encapsulation services please call/text me directly at 720-936-3609

Because I am so limited in my time, my emails and website often take a back seat. The quickest and most reliable way to connect with me is via text message to 720-936-3609. You can text any questions at all, and you can text at anytime. I will respond quickly. If you prefer to chat on the phone or correspond via email, please know that I try to schedule phone calls, and I only check emails every couple of weeks.

I appreciate your patience and in return I promise that I will be available, flexible, and try to make this as streamlined & easy as possible for your family.  I am a busy mom of four, a graduate student, and part-time caregiver to my parents. I am also the proud owner of this small, unique business, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with you.

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